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Thursday, September 18, 2008

JANET ......!!!

janet gotto thanks every single person for the b-day wishes..
n every thg..
thanks every one...

love ya all..haha..

would update more again soon..=))

photos n every thg com-ing up soon..=))

(ps. post post-ed on 25 sept instate as due to owner be-ing bz bz..=))

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

haha..janet is super happy...
coz she got her NEW PHONE..!!!!...wahahahaha..
finally she found her i450 on sunday...n she brought it...wahaha...XD

whn shopping with mummy on sunday 07-09-08...n saw it finally..
she brought it on tt day...n got to get her phone on 09-09-08, which was ytd..=))

the phone cost $98...but she does not need to pay any money..
coz see below....she got this $100 off on any phone thgys...
she does not knows tt she got this thgy till whn she wanna pay..

the sales gal said:
"hmm..u know u got a $100 thgy..
so actually u dont need to pay for this phone.."

" ah come i dont know wan ah..??.."

sales gal:
" this thgy started like 3 days ago only...
to some customer i guess...
i thk they would send u a letter abt it.."

she said:
" oh oh thanks muz be lucky..XD " crazy crazy does not know tt i got this thgy till she told me... ..
but gd to know tt i dont need pay for the phone...

oh well this is a pretty old model in the market liao..
for abt a yr.??..
but i like to design n thyg..
so i am so happy to be able to get this phone atlast..haha..


now wat janet needs is a nice nice handphone pouch..haha..=))
happy gal..=))
smile smile..oh ya...sunday was my chinese bday too..haha..
daddy gif me a BIG ang boa..haha..=))
thanks daddy..=D

ps. this post is also for my old handphone..
thanks for being wif me for the past 23mths n XX days..
thank u v.much..
really would miss you de..

ps. to my new phone..

Friday, September 05, 2008

clear-ing up the webs that is around my blog..

*blow blow*
*clean clean*
*wipe wipe*

my blog is like dead for awhile....(("?))

now a little drop of every thg...

having the mood to updating the blog is important..=))
having the time is more important too..lOl..
hmm.. wat-ever it is..
the gal in this house -->>janet tt's me...
is finally here to update..haha.=DD

she is bz bz... wif wat..??
oh well guess she oso dont really knows.. haha..

haf been read-ing a lotx in this holiday..
still waiting for more nice books to come in...

some picz of my life now.

still wating as usual for more to come in..=.=..i wounder..

Pic on-top:
am currently removing all my black finger nails colour..
oh well...
dont be shock if u haf seezz me in the black nails..
trust me they look really really cool..haha..=))
n i love it too..
removing it coz brought a new colour..
so wanna try more colours..haha.=))

i would put on the black again.....soon~

Pic on-top:
shop-ing days...
meet-ed up wif my dear serene on the 02sept...
for S-H-O-P--I-N-G...
oh well realy a relax shop-ing day for us..
expect for the rain-s that pour..haha..
i really miss tt old days lotx..

brought a new small bag...a new clothes n a new colour for my nails...

Serens...whn is the next wan coming up on..??
More picz..of the two...=))

OH ya ya...
the gal in this house whn to work on the IT show on the Aug...
on the 28-31 Aug...
n it was so fun..haha..
well ppl own me drinks n k-box...

selll thgs till i lost my voice..
oh well it is ok..
i haf a gd recover now..haha..=))

picsss tt we took on our way home on the third day of work..=))
the NE-Line ppl...=))
oh well...u can see for ur-self
we gals haf a better smiles..opphsxx...=))
okok...some other pic..=))

haha...i finally brough a new new hard-disk there too..
$100 for a 250GB..haha..
yeah new hard-disk..=)))

26 sept the gal whn back to sch for the F1 bref-ing...
after everythg....ade call me up..
asking me to go ndp thgy..
oh well i actually didt wanna go coz i was thking tt the F1 tgy would end-ed late..
but i nv..
so ... i whn for the NDP dinner..haha..
it is at a pub call -Baize china-...
well a nice place to enjoy i tot..

thanks to all the ppl there for the wonder-ful food...
n every thgy... thanks for take-ing care if us oh well ME wif the special n wonder-ful food..
it is really YUMMY..!!!!...
pic of me n ade..haha..
see how Red her face n every thg..
sound n music..
fun n entertainment..
every thgs is great there tot..haha..=))
thanks ppl..=D
thanks a millionsss..=))

more **smilessssss**

oh yup before i forget..
our class had an wonderful class chalet on the 19-20 Aug..haha.. was so super wonder-ful to see so many ppl around..haha...
playing games..
play-ing wii..haha..
ophsx i like WII..haha..
it-is so fun to play wif it..haha..=))
play till the next few days my finger is so pain..haha..

well some nice picss tt i took..haha...=))
well if u wonder how i get the black finger nails..haha..
i got it whn i whn to the chalet.haha..
i brough a new colour to try..
it turns up well..haha..
black looks so cool..hehe..=D
see looks so cool..haha..=DD