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Sunday, November 30, 2008

wind blows...
n life goes on on earth...
no matter if uu are happy or sad..
every living thing on earth play apart in the earth daily routine ...
living on earth is juz like living in a castle ....
nice picture right ..haha..
yup ii got it from a emails someone send to me a few days ago..haha..
such a beauty of earth.....
but wonder how much would these happy things last...=)
human let's play apart n not a part on saving our dear plant earth shall we..=)

the earth that we are living in before it is too late..=)

oK the gal in this house is here to update..=)
many thing happens happy n sad..
up and down...=)
but thn she still wanna stand strong...=)

ppl try not to push her down whn she is trying to stand up again can..haha...
plz if uu dont feel like helping her...thn at least dont push her ba..=)
plz promise ...=)

today whn out to eat bread-first with my parents...
yummy food ..haha...
didt feel like taking too much picture..haha..=)after tt she whn home nn stay home to be 'good' to do her 'work'..
ya the gal in this house at least got try la..ok..haha..

ytd 29 Nov whn to watch a great concert...=)
the Lee Guitars All Star concert Singapore.... ..
see how many people perform in there..=)
Emil Chau, Mayday, Tanya Chua, Zhang Zhen Yue,Cheer Chen & Jonathan Lee..

the concert was great..haha..
the gal in this house l❤ve watching concert...
coz watching it set her thk..
nn also help her to increase her passion..

hmm..the seat was v.near...
more nearer thn last time..=)

the concert goes more thn 3hrs..haha...
itis more about music nn people and their l❤ve nn link with the Guitars..=)
and how much it does to them..=)

music and songs was well played..=)
and the gal in this house enjoy it alot..haha.....

l❤ve most of the songs tt was sang during the concert..=)

and was v.attracted to one of the performance...
one of the person - which ii forgot his name..
actually played 離開地球表面 with juz only the guiarts........
knocking it.. playing!!..
amaza-ed by him...=)
uu would really love the stage design if uu are a great fans of Guitars..❤ ..

overall...ii l❤ve the whole corcert..
but only the last part where all of them come out to sing....
hmmm..coz not everyone is like singing..=.=..

-she end-ed her day with a smile-

[but some sadnesssss too...
coz she lost her fav ear-ring whn on her way walking to the singapore indoor stadium....T.T]

normal sch days goes by.. ❤ ..▲ did uu know sch got gd views too..
stop nn have a look around...=)
it make uu feel better each time..=)

▲ oh ya ii brought this super cute cow and the purple colour flower ring from IA's ECI..haha..
cute right..hehe..=D
l❤ve▲ wat a sweet rosese...=)
L❤ve ....=)
▲▼interesting ah..=)
▲ big big ice-cream..=D

the gal in this house fall in l❤ve with leomon-tea...

▼▲ the gal in this house with adeline..haha..=D

▲ so wat are we doing again..hehe..=p

oH ya last sunday when to teacher's wedding
▲ look at how hot is the weatherrrrr...=.=

▼▲ super sweet right....

▲ this is even more sweet..haha..=)
l❤ve...▲ nice..=)

after tt whn for a walk..some photoes...=)

▲the smile that she sometimes miss..=)
plz remind her to smile..=))

▼▲ oH god...
more thn yummmmmyyyy..=)

▲look this is super nice right..haha..
she l❤ve it..haha..

the gal in this house l❤ve shopping now..
coz every where uu go..
every thing is PURPLE...!!!..nn is like full of cow cow..haha..=)

nice right..haha..=)
purple is the next black..
agree agree..=)
..she love purple...=)


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