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Monday, August 18, 2008

Yeah!!!finally all assignment over..^^..
n finally janet got the mood to post..=))
well well..
i am back to the day again of playing facebook for the pass few weeks.. helps alot with my handling of stress...

today 18Aug
super ramdom today...
i decided to take a bus home instate of taking train home from sch today..
n the jounery was tt super long..
but it is ok..haha..
let me haf more time to thk n day dream...^^..
whn back to sch to do n hand in my finalln grp assignment..
so happy to put the assignment into the box..
wahaha..but tot we r late in handing it in..=p

Me on the bus on the way home...
half way through the jounrey thn i rmb tt i can take pic hor..
so i took out my handphone to snap snap..haha..^^*
there is more..
But thn blogspot took v.long to upload..=.=..
so next time la ah..=))

17 AUG
when to HM to return n borrow more more books to read..
When to the M1 shop there..
n guess wat..!!!..
i wanna change my hp to lound phone...
but thn there is no more stock le..=.=...
any other phone for me to buy...
sad sadssss..

top: this is a nic bk to read..

15 Aug
today is the last day of sch...
there is 3 assignment on deadline..
2 was handed in..
and as the lab clossssee..
the last gro assignment is yet to finish..=.=..
but guess it is ok..haha..

when to the SINGAPORE FLYER after tt..
it is like 10pm whn we reach there...
haha..thanks to the NDP thgy...
i can get there at $10..
if not i dont thk i would haf a chance to go..lolx..

take alot of nice photossss..
n thee is still more to come..=))

some other photosssssssssssss....=))

well well...
more to update..
but i cant rmb..LOLx..

top: My dear esther is finally back..
haha...thanks esther for the gift..
saw it..haha..
wif my name on it some more..
so SWEET..^^
oh ya she brough this back too..
so super big.haha..
how i which chocolate or milk thgs oso got so bit bottle de sia..LOLx..

Happy bday to all the Aug baby..=))

top two picture:
CADC Aug baby celebrations..
haha... =))

birthday celebration for Geriant..^^..

op two:
ah gong birthday is oso on aug..
happy birthday to him too..haha..

Some other photos.. this photo on top look so summer sia..LOLx..

CADC finish it all with pride..haha..

i hope tt i can run more again soon..haha..
such a gd time in running..haha..
i love running..=))

ah net in her number tag..haha..

the three nice phone..=))

Black n White..=))

Wow... she found someone...

NAFPA test...
result out le..
(guess long time ago...haha..)

thanks to all the ppl who trains wif her..=))
thanks a million fo all the jia you..^^..
thanks thanks..=))

Sunday, August 03, 2008

a month gone...
and it is still fly off too fast...
i still can't understand why time have to travel so fast..??..

i always like to ask myself at the end of the month...
wat have i been doing for the past month..??.
anything meaningful?? anything interesting?? anything useful??

a reflection for myself...
but for this month...
oh well...lazy to


bloggggging time..
today went to the s'pore botanic garden with my big grp of family....
so happy to be able to see thm...haha..
i went there for alot of time..but this is the first time some one would walk me/us around and tell us wat is this wat is tt..why is it liktt..
n i learn alot of things...
thank aunt~ my aunt is going to take an exam to become tour guide..
so she walk us through and also can help herself in remembering thingsz?
PIcturesssss time...=))

oh ya Jun jie kor kor came back to s'pore for his summer hoilday..
and he said he would be going back sp to run poly-50 on coming wed as e alumni..??
wow... cool hope to see him there thn...=DD

02 Auguest

today we when for sodaGreen Concert..
thanks for the tickets..=))

the concert was great...!!!!
but i thk the sound system there actually pull them down a little..
the interacting and every thing was great..
and the surrounding was super super super high...!!!!...
they sing till like 11:35pm..??..
which ws so super late..
but it was worth the time and every thing..

can see that everyone enjoy the concert..and they on the stage enjoy it too..
and i thk tt's wat a stage is for..
for everyone to enjoy..-..those on stage..those listening...those working for it to become perfact..=)
great job..=))

top: sis found this in our house...and we name it 对不起...
coz she kept saying sorry(对不起) to it..haha..=)
hope this little thg would be back his/her world..=))

01 Auguest

happy early birthday to CCH-boss and augustina..=)

below is the pic tt i have...
am waiting for ppl to sent me more photo..=))

below: our dear Emmanual trying to solve things on his way..haha..=DD

below: me and jianliang
it have been a long time ever since i get to see him..
how can i not take a picture with him when i caught him..??..haha...